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A Mother’s Gift

“A capable, intelligent and virtuous woman- who is he who can find her? She is far more precious than jewels and her value is far above rubies or pearls.” (Proverbs 31:10-12, 25-31)

Mother’s Day was a generational occasion this year, as I was able to spend it with both my Mom and her mother, my Nonna. We planned a special day for them both filled with their favorite things. We cooked a delicious lunch and decorated the house specially for the occasion which I will talk more about below. As I sat in my room the night beforehand writing in a sparkling Mother’s Day card from Papyrus (they always have the cutest ones, in my opinion), I had trouble finding just the right words to say that could explain my gratitude for all that she has done for me over the past 19 years. I tend to generally write the same message in the card year after year, hoping she will be touched by my heartfelt sentiment, but most importantly, be happy with the present my sister and I have bought for her.

Perhaps it’s because I’m older now… and I don’t know if just one year would make a difference, but I felt like I had a lot more to say this time around. I wasn’t focused so much on the gift, but what I wanted to write to her. She has taught me so many invaluable lessons that I will carry with me the rest of my life, and I am so glad to say that she has shaped the woman I am and will continue to become. She has always wanted the best for me – and although we do fight quite often – I have made an effort to remember this during those times. I am lucky to call her my best friend, and now that I’m living away from home, I am more appreciative than ever towards the hard work, love, and care she puts into her daily job of a mother and wife.

My father is a lucky man. Although he may see the crazy, loud, and often chaotic side of marrying an Italian woman, I think he has seen the wonderful side of it, too. We’re pretty great, what can I say? Over the years, I have seen their relationship change a lot; there has been a lot of good and a lot of bad. But they always work through it. Their personalities could not be on more opposite ends of the spectrum, and although it is cliché to say that “opposites attract”, it’s really true. They balance out our family life. I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect marriage, or even close to one. But, I think creating a family and going through life together day by day, you learn to love all the imperfections. I’m speaking for my both my sister and I here, when I say that we are so incredibly lucky to have been raised by such wonderful parents in a loving home.

On this Mother’s Day in particular, I wanted to stress all of these things to my mother, and more. I could have spent all night writing down each thing she has taught me about life, love, and people. But, instead, I wrote a simple, short, sweet note that came from my heart, hoping it wouldn’t fall short. It took her a while before she looked up at me, but when she did, I saw tears of happiness and love in her eyes.

A mother’s love is truly the greatest gift of all.


We decorated the dining room table with pink roses in a Kate Spade dot vase, with smaller mirrored vases running down the center. My sister brought her antique pink depression glass plates, which looked gorgeous against the white tablecloths and matched everything else so nicely. The pink and red Vera cloth placements and napkins added an old-fashioned touch, something we knew my Mom and Nonna would both appreciate. Lastly, the clear Villeroy & Bach knobbed glasses tied in with the theme perfectly, and our raspberry lemonade looked perfect when poured in them. I even tied a pink chiffon ribbon around the silverware, crossed them over one another and placed them on the plate. My Mom just loved everything and could not stop gushing about everything, especially the ribbons! (it’s the little things!)


For lunch, we had grilled panini’s and had different options (ham, turkey, spicy turkey), with tomatoes, lettuce, avocadoes, and sharp cheddar cheese. ,We also had a mixed green herb salad that my sister prepared, and fresh herbed fries. YUM! Those were gone very quickly, and we also had a really yummy spicy chipotle aioli and a lemon herb one as well. For dessert, I tried a new recipe- an almond polenta cake! The texture was very crumbly and soft, and everyone just loved it! If any of you would like, I could add these recipes to my blog so you can try them out as well. 🙂



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