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I’m loving everything from this album! They never fail to deliver.

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Waited so patiently for this album, and I’ve got to say it’s something that I’m glad I waited all that time for. What an amazing, lyrical masterpiece. Chris Martin never fails to make you feel every single emotion and gives you songs that you can relate to so well and songs that can even bring back memories, good or bad.
After listening to the album a fair bit now, I can definitely say that “ink”is my favourite track. From the unique sound to the lyrics ” got a tattoo, but the pains alright” and ” All I know, Is that I love you so, so much that it hurts”. ““Always in my head”is another beautiful song, I can see the possibilities of the lyrics relating to Chris’s relationship with Gwenth but i really do believe that instead of focussing on their relationship, people should be focussing on…

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