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Temporary Bliss

Sometimes, a song can describe a situation in your life better than you will ever be able to. I’ve been listening to the band, ‘The Cab’, a lot lately, and the lyrics to a song of theirs really connected to some personal situations in my life, so much so that I decided to dedicate an entire post to it.

I come over, quarter past two
Love in my eyes, blinded by you
Just to get a taste of heaven
I’m on my knees
I can’t help it, I’m addicted

And I can’t keep sleeping in your bed
If you keep messing with my head
Before I slip under your sheets, can you give me something please?
I can’t keep touching you like this
If it’s just temporary bliss

We were on fire, now we’re frozen

I can’t keep feeling love like this
It’s not worth temporary bliss 

Temporary bliss — I have experienced it all too many times now.

It’s feeling loved, feeling wanted, feeling beautiful.  It’s intimate, sexy, sensual, maybe erotic. It’s desire. It’s a different kind of connection with someone.

It is unexplainable. I wish I could stay in these moments forever. But hours pass, days pass, & things change.

Yes. — It was all temporary, but not quickly forgotten.

Is the hurt I’m feeling now worth those moments of bliss? That wonderful feeling is overshadowed by all those other not so wonderful ones. How I’m supposed to feel and how I really feel just don’t match up. In college, people would laugh if I explained my logic, because to them it’s “no big deal” it’s “a fling”, not something that you take seriously or pursue. I’m obliged to forget about him. But that’s not me. And I’m not changing who I am or what I believe just to “fit in.”

So.. I will continue to take these moments of bliss with him, because it’s all I can do for now. They say a little love is better than none at all. But is it going to continue? Something has to change, doesn’t it? I wonder when.. and what… but for the moment, this bliss is all I need. ♥



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