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Darlin’ You Give But You Cannot Take Love….

Rebel Love

Dealing with unrequited love is a very humbling experience

I was taught Summer of 2011 in a hot classroom smack dab in the middle of my college’s campus that “The person in the relationship with the MOST amount of emotions/feelings, carry the LEAST amount of power”. This interchange of power was just a theory of human interaction within relationships but it was cemented in my brain as if it was fact. At least for me, it made the most sense when I put my past relationships under a microscope. It wasn’t until now that I didn’t use this little bit of knowledge as the biggest mechanism to hold feelings bottled in me in hopes of not being the most vulnerable.

When a person falls in love, they start doing things they never expected to do before. I vowed to never tell a man I loved him unless he spoke these…

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