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“Stop worrying about being hurt and just feel”

Really needed to hear this! It’s something I’ve found hard to be able to do, but I’m getting there. Great post!

The Midnight Mind

Everyone I talk to is so scared of being hurt that they work so hard to keep to themselves and avoid catching feelings. I hate that this is what our dating culture has come to. I love the idea of raw love and pouring your heart out to someone just because. It was one thing when letters got replaced with texts but now it seems like romance as a whole is something of the past. I want to be able to express my feelings freely and not get looked at like I have eight heads sitting on my shoulders. Why and how did being an emotionless zombie become cool? I think it’s so attractive so see someone with the confidence to put his or herself in that state of vulnerability and fill up with emotions. No matter how much we try to suppress these feelings, they’re bound to come out…

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