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The F-Word


It’s not until this year that I ever considered I could be the “F-word.” The word that brings the same amount of cringe worthy discomfort to my body as “He who shall not be named,” “Pitbull,” and “Nick Carraway.” The word that labels women as outspoken, loud mouthed, pant suit-wearing nags.  The word that makes me not want to consider myself a woman who cares about her education, presence, and voice.

When it comes to women’s rights, I never really cared.  They way I saw it all those “F-words” could rub some dirt on their problems and move on.  When it comes to how I personally advocate for women I’ve always seen myself on the other side of the spectrum.

For example, currently I have over three pictures of half naked Beyoncés and this picture of Lana Del Ray decorating my walls.


Some of my favorite songs have the following lyrics:

“Driver roll up…

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