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Risking Your Heart Can Be Worthwhile

Thought Catalog

“There’s just one thing I want to clear up, though,” he said with a grave tone, “I am not interested in a serious relationship.”

“Neither am I,” she proudly replied. The best part about it was that she was being completely honest. The guy’s face couldn’t conceal his surprise, though he didn’t look disappointed. Yeah, she thought, I have way more important things to focus on than on starting a relationship.

It was the first time any guy had ever said something of that nature to her, yet somehow it didn’t hurt her feelings. Instead, she felt glad. For once, she wouldn’t have to decipher signs trying to figure out exactly what a guy wanted. See, some women have an annoying tendency to overanalyze every little detail, the girl included. With the cards laid out on the table, it was as if a huge weight had been lifted off…

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