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Diary Entry – Sept. 2 – “I got a really good heart, I just can’t catch a break.”

Dear Diary,

I was listening to the song “Two” by Ryan Adams,  and the lyrics that I used in the title for this entry really spoke to me tonight….. it got me thinking a few things I’d like to share…

Maybe I love people when I have no reason to at all and maybe I fall for people too fast. Maybe I misjudge situations and people. Maybe I don’t always make the right decision. But I only have the best of intentions. I need someone to know that right now.

I feel I haven’t been able to catch a break lately.. but you can’t always use that as an excuse. We all make mistakes and take wrong turns now and then. That’s life. None of us are perfect. We are flawed people, but we are still worth loving. ♥

Some of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received have not been related to appearance (although those are always much appreciated) but are compliments of my character. To be spoken of as being a girl who is “thoughtful, caring, generous, kind-hearted”… these traits are important to me and always have been, so it means a lot when someone has noticed them, as they are often overlooked in a person. Occasionally, we do things that are out of our character. We cannot always hold to our values – we slip up from time to time. I wish this wasn’t the case. It would be so much easier to be perfect all the time, make all the right choices, to not give into temptation, & to be unselfish in every way. But that isn’t human nature, and that’s okay.

I always try to see the best in people, past their flaws.. because that is where our heart lies, and our true selves. If I could ask you to do the same for me, I would be forever grateful. Yes, the desires of our heart can sometimes overpower us. And honestly, they have gotten the best of me. They get the best of all of us, from time to time. They are peculiar things. They will cause you to think too much, or not at all. They will cause you to make the wrong decisions. They will cause you to keep secrets. But maybe, soon, everything will come together for me. ♥ I think I deserve that. I just need another chance…

Even after all of this, I’ve still got that same heart. It is pure and genuine. It may hide away from time to time, have some shy moments.. other times, it may stumble and get lost or go down the wrong path, but if you’re in my life and are written across even an inch of my heart.. whether that be for a week, for a season, or for a lifetime… I will do everything and anything to show you the best of me.

I can only hope that is enough. ♥







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