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“You’re My Achilles Heel..”

Dedicated to the “Achilles heel” in all of our lives….

Achilles Heel – Definition: – noun – a weakness or vulnerable point.

In Greek mythology, Achilles – a strong warrior – was dipped into the river Styx by his mother Thetis, in order to make him invincible to everything and anything. However, Thetis was holding him by his foot and his heel wasn’t covered by this magical water. His heel became his one weak point, and eventually led to his downfall when he was shot in the foot with an arrow in battle.

You are my Achilles heel.

I think these people and things in our lives only make us stronger.. We must try hard to be strong in despite of how they distract us and put obstacles in our way. For whatever odd reason… I rely on you, my Achilles heel,  for my sanity.

You make me feel weak at times, and oh so vulnerable. But I don’t like viewing it as a negative thing. ♥  It’s a feeling that I don’t want to ever leave. It puts me outside of my comfort zone. And I just keep thinking, I want to let go, of everything – I’ve reserved too much for too long. I want to be the woman I know I am, for you. You brought it out of me, and it’s you that I want to see it through. All of this new territory I’m entering..  it makes me a little uncomfortable… you make me a little uncomfortable. Strangely, I love it.

No matter how hard I try to resist you, I can’t. If that means I have to learn the hard way, so be it. Perhaps I’m halfway down a path of destruction already, and perhaps I’m a fool for not turning around yet. But that is the price I’ll have to pay. I hear them calling from behind me… they are warning me… the voices are getting fainter though.. besides, I already know everything they have to say. They can’t change me, they won’t. I know it’s all a risk. But you know… I don’t take many risks in my life. Maybe now it is time.

I’m not the type of person to give up on what I really want, that’s for sure. I’m determined, and you, my Achilles heel, are going to be mine someday.

Even if I could gain the power to be able to resist you, to get rid of this feeling of weakness… would I do it? I don’t think I would. I’d still be a fool for you. And I think being a fool for some people, the right people… is all worthwhile.

Goodnight., from your fool. ♥ “That’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a little fool.”



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