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Unrequited Love

The Fickle Heartbeat

Did He Give Up On Me

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I love because I live.
I live because I love.

Love is a beautiful/ terrible thing. It has ensnared mankind since the beginning of time. It is life’s greatest drug, with the best high, and the severest descent.

The day he left was the day the music stopped. Or rather that was the day I wanted it to stop. Every sound, every movement in the world, every semaphore of life was an excruciating experience. It was all so loud and intrusive. The whole world was caving in but no one noticed. No one saw the widening cracks in life, or the pressure on my sanity. It was vicious, like a pack of wolves ripping flesh off the bones of some poor helpless animal that had not seen it coming. My heart was broken yet still breaking, it had happened and was still happening: an…

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