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For someone who made me feel beautiful……

Just a rough draft of something I’m working on for my poetry class… and it’s probably not any good at all but… it makes me smile even though I felt so much pain while it was happening.

The moon

Shiny silver like nickels and dimes, it’s changed

Another dull day begins

The sun

Bright and hot like a flame, it’s melting everything

That I know and that I feel

Night is long forgotten, but I have not forgotten

Pennies for my thoughts?

I wish things had never changed

Close my eyes, unclench my fist

One by one, falling in

Small splashes

Still make a ripple effect

Sink to the bottom, with all the others

All the hopeless lovers

Moonlight looked so good on us

Leaning over the edge, a reflection


In the sun, in this light

What a difference it’s made

The night begins to slowly fade

Time was never good to us

But it’s never to blame

Open my eyes, clench my fist

I couldn’t keep you in my grasp

I wish

Change is so much easier to hold


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