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A Growing Audience

Note: This post is an assignment for my certificate completion in the Parsons School and Teen Vogue Program. Enjoy!

Catering your posts and content to your audience is essential to growing in the blogging and fashion world. Your readers are your customers, and they are going to help your build your brand by responding, commenting, liking, and visiting all of your platforms. I have found that through blogging and social media, my readers tend to be of a younger age group which consists of my age, and a little bit younger and older on both sides.

Men and women both read my blogs and follow me on my platforms. I find this interesting because I can pull ideas from both sides when tailoring my content. It gives me a LOT more to work with and helps my creative process when I am feeling stuck. Something that I am very passionate about is sports, and I often write about this because I know my male readers would be interested in this, but it also opens up the conversation to women. Being a writer for Her Campus has allowed me explore concepts about women in sports and the stereotypes that go along with that. I’m set out to prove that one can be feminine, girly, stylish, and still love sports at the same time.

I also have readers from all over the world, and I think writing about different topics that would be relevant to them is helpful to connect with them, but at the same time, I feel that when I write about things we can ALL relate to as one, those posts tend to be more receptive. Writing about life, relationships, diary entries, etc. are some common things you can find on my blog, and I think that many women like myself can relate to these posts easily so they are eager to follow me from that point forward.

Overall, the audience is the key in the concept of the blog, and I have taken advantage of some of the great things I have learned while blogging, and continue to learn more each day on what I can do to continue to grow my audience and build my brand.


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