Serengetee Rep Project Summer 2015


The Fabric Of Our Lives

If we are lucky enough to do so, we’ll get to travel the world. We’ll have the opportunity to meet new people, try new foods, learn a new language, and so much more. We will immerse ourselves in the culture of the people who live in these places, and hold a little piece of our time there with us, always. Serengetee Clothing lets us travel the world through what I believe to be one of the most important aspects of culture – clothing. The fabric that we wear represents us. We wear it, and by doing so we are making a million statements without even realizing it. We’re telling everyone a little bit about us, where we come from, and what is important to us. This fabric, woven into every bit of our lives, is all found in one place and made available to us through Serengetee.

From the USA to the corners of the world, a Serengetee tee shirt is so much more than a piece of fabric. It is a hard-working family who is struggling to make it out of their situation, it’s a community of people who are waiting for their chance, it’s a child, it’s a brother, a sister, a father, a mother… all trying to do their best. It’s me. It’s you, just trying your best. Isn’t that all we can do? I think so. The willpower and determination of the human spirit is something that connects us all, no matter where we come from. I hope you find Serengetee clothing to be as inspiring as I did – wear the WORLD, wear it proudly – the fabric of our lives. I wrote a short poem and story about how Serengetee inspired me this summer and gave me new perspective. This is my journey.


The fabric of our lives

A Serengetee is powerful, and strong

Beautiful, and colorful

It’s simple, but says so much

Style is something unique to you and me

But it connects us all for a common cause

Indonesia, Bali, Zimbabwe,

the list goes on and on

We’re all represented here

Something for us all

A fabric for the days we are happy and the days we are not

The days we want to give up

I think again and know how lucky I am

Looking down at the print of my shirt,

I see an inspiring image of a family

Smiling, hoping, wishing

I pick myself up and go on my way

Serengetee embodies the good in us all everyday

The fabric of our lives


Can’t forget about T-Posey and those Teen Wolf boys. If an alpha is wearing the brand, I guess we gotta follow his lead.


Wandering endlessly,


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